Here at the Portrait Gallery, we want you to feel prepared and at ease when you come in for your session. These helpful tips will give you an idea of things you can wear to look your best and some things you should stay away from.

  • When trying to decide what to wear for a session, always remember to dress from head to toe and play the part.
  • Stripes are not recommended, but if you do choose to wear them, they should be tiny, pale stripes that are subdued and vertical.
  • When wearing makeup, you shouldn't wear anything that has an SPF of over 15. The flash from the camera will pick up the SPF and will make you look pale.
  • If you're dressing for a corporate or executive session you'll want to wear neutral tones. A classic solid fitted suit is perfect. Try to avoid wearing white and replace it with cream or tan. In these types of sessions we always recommend earth tones.
  • For a glamour session, wear soft, pretty pastels, lace, pearls and chiffon. Go for a natural look and choose pieces that are solid and fitted.
  • When dressing for a fashion or editorial session, wear solid, bold and bright colors. Shimmery gold and dresses that glisten in the light are great because they create impact and contrast.
  • Accessories such as hats, scarfs, bracelets and earrings are all good pieces that will make a statement in images.