About the Artist

Karen Hacker is an award-winning modern classic photographer in the Kansas City area with over 26 years of experience. She is a certified Professional Photographer, and has her Master and Photographic Craftsmen Degrees. She has received Kodak Gallery Awards, as well as Fuji Masterpiece Awards. Karen is an active community member, and served as the President of the Greater Kansas City of Professional Photographers Association. With numerous awards to uphold her outstanding quality of work, she never stops striving to improve her work and images.

Karen puts a great deal of effort into getting to know her clients and finding out what their needs and wishes are. "I love to capture the light and fire of each individual, I can only do this by getting to know my clients." Karen’s passion for people has given her the ability to photograph from the heart. “I love what I do. Can’t really see myself doing anything different. My clients are my friends. They give me a reason to come to work early, and a reason to stay late. I feel blessed to capture their most precious moments.”